SmartWeb Marketing Hits One Out Of The Park!

SMW_FB_ProfileMy company SmartWeb Marketing has been selected as the Potomac Nationals Office Digital Marketing Agency for 2015. Read the press release here

How To Upgrade Your Desktop Hard Drive to SSD (Solid State Drive) in About an Hour

Kingston 480GB Desktop Upgrade KitReady for a performance boost?  Why not upgrade your hard drive to a super fast SSD drive? I’m running an “old” (circa December 2011) Dell Vostro desktop with an Intel Core 2 Quad, 4GB RAM and a 500GB SATA drive and decided I wanted to speed things up a bit.

Purchased a Kingston 480GB SSD drive upgrade kit for $280 which came with Acronis Image.

Pretty simple process to setup you just install it in in empty drive bay (make sure your BIOS is configured to recognize the drive), boot the Acronis CD which comes with the Kingston SSD upgrade kit, and in about 30 minutes it had copied about 200 GB of data to the new SSD. Removed the old SATA drive, rebooted and man was that fast!  Everything from startup / boot speed to Windows Explorer and programs–it is all much faster now.  

New Micro Blog Website Launched For Woodbridge Jewelry Store: Quinn’s Goldsmith

SmartWeb Marketing Website Re-Launch October 2013

PPC and SEO ExpertSmartWeb Marketing, my online advertising agency, has upgraded its website.  There is a strong focus on SEO, PPC, Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo Ads and Website Design. Your feedback and comments are welcome. Visit to check it out!




SmartWeb Marketing “..A Knowledgeable Internet Marketing Expert”

020812_PP-SmartWeb-Marketing (3)On 12/14/12 5:37 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
Dear Ralph,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Sorry it took so long :-) Seasons Greetings!

Details of the Recommendation: “I found Ralph while researching various ways to out-source our internet search engine PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaign which had become too time-consuming and complex to effectively manage in-house. I interviewed several Google Adwords Certified Professionals and Ralph’s approach and professionalism led me to give Smartweb a trial run. Since Ralph took over management of our Google Adwords campaign, we are getting much more bang for our internet marketing buck and we show up higher on our prospects search lresults. With his success, we’ve recently expanded the campaign to include Bing and Yahoo campaigns. I highly recommend Ralph and Smartweb as a knowledgeable internet marketing expert.”

Windows RT Surface Tablet Does 5 Things the iPad Can’t:

surface-black-touch-cover-side-viewThe Surface with Windows RT does five things an iPad simply can’t:

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Let’s Install it on an Old Laptop!

Windows 8The new version of Windows has been released to beta testing, except don’t call it that, it is a “consumer preview”.  I downloaded a 64 bit version (better have a real high speed Internet connection as it clocks at over 3GB) and burned the ISO image to a DVD, then it ran a compatibility check and said my Microsoft Office 2010 would be okay but not my antivirus software, MS Security Essentials.  Went ahead and uninstalled it and then after saying it was okay to check for updates, the installer asked if I wanted to keep my Windows settings, apps and files (upgrade) or not (clean install).  The laptop I am installing the Windows 8 Preview is just an old HP Pavilion dv2000 which originally came with XP.  I had done a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit on a fresh hard drive last year so I really wanted to see how an UPGRADE would work.  A source of constant frustration with the upgrade path from XP to 7? Well basically it is non-existent, though it does keep your files in that WindowsOLD folder.  After about thirty minutes since the install began, looks like I have the final reboot.  I’ll post later on the outcome…..

SEO Optimization Secrets: How to Build a Search Engine Optimized Website

How To Build an SEO Website

How To Build an SEO Website

I’ve published another eBook–my most ambitious effort yet, called SEO Optimization Secrets: How to Build a Search Engine Optimized Website. Kindle Prime users can check it out for free or it can be purchased for the low, low price of only $2.99.

Why It Is Over For Apple (And It is Not What You Think!) RIP Steve Jobs

You would have to really be a long, long way off the grid to have not heard the news by now: Steve Jobs, Apple CEO and TechnoWunderkind, died last week at the age of 56, from a brutal bout with a nasty cancer of the pancreas.  During his triumphant return to Apple he revolutionized the personal music player with the iPod, dragged the illegal music “sharing” business to legitimacy through the iTunes Store, created the smart-phone niche with the iPhone and then taught Microsoft nerds how to make a real tablet computer with the iPad.

With all that space age, whiz kid, Star Trek, OMG is it really that small (and expensive?) cult-like devotion and innovation–why do I think it is the beginning of the end for Apple?

SEO Training for Search Engine Optimization from new website acquisition

SEO Training Course

Get SEO Training Online Now

My latest website acquisition, has gotten off to a great start!  Four new customer have signed up in the first month to take this web-based, online SEO training course.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as you probably know, is the process of improving your website’s placement on the search engines such as Google (my favorite).

Once you know these techniques, you are essentially getting “free traffic” to your web page.  Easy to learn and difficult to master, thousands of companies and experts offer to optimize your website for Google.  This website provides basic and advanced training for people who want to do it themselves and avoid paying thousands of dollars to the experts OR to self study and become an SEO expert themselves! There are over 150 pages of information rich content that covers both on page and off page SEO techniques.  The introductory price is only $19.95 and will probably be increased to $29 very soon, as the value of this training is huge and in great demand.