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New Micro Blog Website Launched For Woodbridge Jewelry Store: Quinn’s Goldsmith

At Design Your Logo Online in under 10 minutes for less than Thirty Bucks

Just bought a very cool website where you can design your own logo and download the files all in under ten minutes for only $24.99.  You can choose from hundreds of font styles (the demo is limited to 20 fonts) and unlimited colors to create your logo with tag line, pay through Paypal, then gain access to the members area where you can create and download as many logos as you like.  I like the idea of it being a fully automated turn key website that just need promotion like using AdWords and SEO.  You can try the demo at

Multi Profit Websites Generates My First Affiliate Commission!

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CHA_CHING! John Thornhill’s incredibly easy to use and popular new product MultiProfitWebsites (Read my report on MPW HERE ) banked my first “real” online profit– $204.35– on January 11th, 2010.
ClickBank 1st Commish

I had been using the BANS product to build my Wii Games website but John’s product makes it SO much EASIER. You hardly have to no anything about online marketing or websites, his software does it ALL for you. So do yourself a favor like Robert, my first affiliate commission did, read my post here at My report on MultiProfitWebsites and check it out!

Learn The Lingo: 101 Words Every Online Marketer Needs to Know (My First EBook!)

Are you ready to get a FRESH, NEW, ORIGINAL eBook you can use for Giveaways–to help build your all-important opt-in list, for FREE?

My partner, Ed Rubi and I just completed the Starting With Marketing Academy by Dean Holland, where we learned a TON of great information about online marketing and put together this new eBook:

LEARN THE LINGO:101 Words Every Online Marketer Needs To Know

Now I have seen and read dozens of these books and ours is not cram packed with a bunch of cheesy affiliate links (we have ONE). It is a straight-forward content rich FREE book that you can offer to your current list as a “thank-you” or upload it to all those super-important Giveaways to super-charge your list building.

Multi Profit Websites – The TRUTH!.


John Thornhill’s New Powerhouse Product is Here! Today I am going to review a product called Multi Profit Websites, this is a combination product dreamed up by John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson and their development team. I must say from the off, this site was one of the most impressive sites I have ever come across in a long time. The shear usability sold it for me right away. Now how much do you think it would cost to get your own website built and maintained by a website support company? Not for what this site costs I can tell you! The price tag is very very small to what you would pay in comparison.

How To Write a Profit Pulling Blog

Dean Holland has been kind enough to offer me his Blog Setup Guide 2.8 as a free giveaway and thank you gift.

I’ll post a full review later but grab your copy now if you can’t wait by clicking on the picture to the right and just enter your name and email address and I will email you your copy right away–even if it is 3 am!

The book is packed with video tutorials on how to set up your own blog, which widgets to install, how to optimize your blog for search engines, and more. The book covers parts of what he has been teaching me in the Starting With Marketing Academy and has been recently updated to cover WordPress 2.8.

Building Gigantic Lists With Simple and Free Traffic Methods

I wanted to share this article since it ties in nicely with List Lingo, the Week 4 module in Starting with Marketing Academy:

Building Gigantic Lists With Simple and Free Traffic Methods
By]Darren W Chow

Do you want to build a huge list? Everyone is talking about list building because it is the wise thing to do. When you have the contacts of your customers, you can always go back to them and make more sales.

Those without a list will find themselves out of an income source if their traffic source dried up. However, if you have a list, you will be inconvenienced but you will still have income.

In the Beginning…(WWW 1998)

So when I worked as a marketing director for a large apartment management company in the mid 90s, I stumbled onto how the World Wide Web was getting ready to explode into corporate America.  A little startup company from San Francisco had contacted me about advertising our apartments on the Internet. 

Now these were the early days of the Web, you know, dial up access 14 kb/s, AOL domination and not much in the way of high speed access.  Online advertising was very new and untested, and the whole concept of “searching” the Internet was just getting started–this was even BEFORE GOOGLE.