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How to Find a Diamond Engagement Ring Alternative (Press Release as SEO Juice)

Moissanite Ring
How To Find A Diamond Engagement Ring Alternative

Bel Villagio Designs

SmartWeb Marketing Hits One Out Of The Park!

SMW_FB_ProfileMy company SmartWeb Marketing has been selected as the Potomac Nationals Office Digital Marketing Agency for 2015. Read the press release here

SmartWeb Marketing Website Re-Launch October 2013

PPC and SEO ExpertSmartWeb Marketing, my online advertising agency, has upgraded its website.  There is a strong focus on SEO, PPC, Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo Ads and Website Design. Your feedback and comments are welcome. Visit www.GetSmartWebMarketing.com to check it out!




SmartWeb Marketing “..A Knowledgeable Internet Marketing Expert”

020812_PP-SmartWeb-Marketing (3)On 12/14/12 5:37 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
Dear Ralph,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Sorry it took so long :-) Seasons Greetings!

Details of the Recommendation: “I found Ralph while researching various ways to out-source our internet search engine PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaign which had become too time-consuming and complex to effectively manage in-house. I interviewed several Google Adwords Certified Professionals and Ralph’s approach and professionalism led me to give Smartweb a trial run. Since Ralph took over management of our Google Adwords campaign, we are getting much more bang for our internet marketing buck and we show up higher on our prospects search lresults. With his success, we’ve recently expanded the campaign to include Bing and Yahoo campaigns. I highly recommend Ralph and Smartweb as a knowledgeable internet marketing expert.”

Windows RT Surface Tablet Does 5 Things the iPad Can’t:

surface-black-touch-cover-side-viewThe Surface with Windows RT does five things an iPad simply can’t:

SEO Optimization Secrets: How to Build a Search Engine Optimized Website

How To Build an SEO Website

How To Build an SEO Website

I’ve published another eBook–my most ambitious effort yet, called SEO Optimization Secrets: How to Build a Search Engine Optimized Website. Kindle Prime users can check it out for free or it can be purchased for the low, low price of only $2.99.

Why It Is Over For Apple (And It is Not What You Think!) RIP Steve Jobs

You would have to really be a long, long way off the grid to have not heard the news by now: Steve Jobs, Apple CEO and TechnoWunderkind, died last week at the age of 56, from a brutal bout with a nasty cancer of the pancreas.  During his triumphant return to Apple he revolutionized the personal music player with the iPod, dragged the illegal music “sharing” business to legitimacy through the iTunes Store, created the smart-phone niche with the iPhone and then taught Microsoft nerds how to make a real tablet computer with the iPad.

With all that space age, whiz kid, Star Trek, OMG is it really that small (and expensive?) cult-like devotion and innovation–why do I think it is the beginning of the end for Apple?

Rest in Peace Funky Monkey…

img000000Today was a sad day since my kitty went to heaven. She was 16. Her name was Funky Monkey, but I called her Itty Bitty Kitty, too. Her health was failing and it was time to say goodbye, but it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am so grateful for my wife’s strength and wisdom in making it through all this. I am so sad it hurts. Before I had pets I used to ridicule pet lovers for humanizing their animals, I mean how could you get so attached to an animal? But Funky schooled me on that–she would always come running to the door when I came home! Who ever knew a cat would do that! She loved me without asking questions, without judging me, just loving me for who I am–wow, now I get it. I loved that cat. And she told me! The “talking cat”, she loved to interrupt my conversations with Bry or when I was on the phone, you see she thought I was talking to her! And if I stayed on the computer too late in the evening she would put her little paws up on my leg and meow stridently saying, “Come on Daddy, it is time to pet me, it is time to stop and take time out for the things in life that really matter—kitty time!”

Video: A Checklist of Modern SEO Techniques

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A Checklist of Modern SEO Techniques

New Business Opportunity Around the Corner….

This summer marks my one year anniversary in online marketing and advertising-woohoo! From creating web videos, tweeting, blogs, squeeze pages, opt-in lists, e-books…WHEW!

So I’m putting it all together and launching a new venture soon that will harness these new Web 2.0 technologies and draw on a lot of my previous marketing experience with Internet advertising.

More details later so let’s just say it will be all about TRAFFIC and getting more customers to your website.

Stay tuned….