Windows XP’s Black Screen of Death and The Importance of Backups

I was dispatched to help set up a new PC for one of my customers and perform a data transfer from his old Windows XP PC. Got the new PC all setup, programs installed, got it on the network and then booted up the old PC…and waited…and waited…until it came up with what I refer to as the BLACK screen of death. You all have heard about the BLUE screen of death, the cryptic Windows error dump file that likes to flash on the screen and spiral downward into a sea of continuous reboots –but what about the BLACK screen of death?

Windows 7: Top Ten Reasons You Want It!

Windows 7 Logo
By the end of this year, Microsoft will have gone and done it again: they are releasing the another new operating system (OS), called WINDOWS 7. Everybody knows Bill Gates needs the money, but after the controversial release of Windows Vista in 2007, many of my customers are a little skeptical about going to Windows 7. Here is my top ten list of why you want Windows 7:

10-Windows 7 will not have the same “problems” Vista had.

Just Twittering About…


Day 3 with Twitter. Sixteen people “following” me and I am following 8 others. Exciting!

So I must confess the reason I signed up for twitter was to expand my network of folks so I can potentially market goods and/or services to them.

However when I began getting “spammed” with people following me with sales messages as their way of introduction to our relationship, I just tsk-tsked and made a note to NEVER be that blatant and crude with my approach.