How To Write a Profit Pulling Blog

Dean Holland has been kind enough to offer me his Blog Setup Guide 2.8 as a free giveaway and thank you gift.

I’ll post a full review later but grab your copy now if you can’t wait by clicking on the picture to the right and just enter your name and email address and I will email you your copy right away–even if it is 3 am!

The book is packed with video tutorials on how to set up your own blog, which widgets to install, how to optimize your blog for search engines, and more. The book covers parts of what he has been teaching me in the Starting With Marketing Academy and has been recently updated to cover WordPress 2.8.

If you already have a blog that could use some improvement or if you are like me and just getting started in online marketing and blogging for fun and profit, the guide is an excellent “first step” on the path to success.

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Hi Ralph.
I like the way that you mention your visitors can get their copy even if it’s 3AM. I want one… uh, oh yeah, I already got one from Dean too. Keep up the great work on your blog my friend.

All the best,


Hy Ralph
Great post and professional looking site and layout.

Believe and Achieve

Cool site, love the info.

Hey bud!

I don’t know how I get all this info to give away!

I think it’s because I’m working on lots of different stuff and learning so much so fast!
If I write it down I remember it better! And! Then I can give it away!

I’ve found a niche with 100,000 searches a day! (well 3 keywords totalling over 300,000 a day ;)

AND I’ve got the domains with the keywords! :D with little competition too :D WOOT!

Blogs looking awesome pal!

Good luck!



Yep, Deans got a great blog setup book.

My blog also is a work in progress maybe it will be great one day.



Hi Ralph

Great post, the blog setup guide is brillant especially the videos, readers will get alot of value from using the guide.


Thanks for stopping by guys. Don’t forget to check out my ezinarticle widget and follow the search engine rankings I am getting for SWMA–awesome!


Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I enjoy reading your site. I thought about starting a blog myself but don’t have the time.
Oh well maybe one day…. :)

Thanks Donnie: You’d be surprised how little time you actually need for doing the blog (once you have it up and running of course!)
Grab a copy of the free Blog Setup Guide if you like–it was written by my mentor, Dean Holland and has some good video tutorials too! Check back with me if you’d like some help!

Hey Dude! we was on same coaching course if you remember!!! i now have a web design business i need SEO’ing!
Let me know what you can do if you can email me on

@Craig–sent you an email–great to hear from you!

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