In the Beginning…(WWW 1998)

So when I worked as a marketing director for a large apartment management company in the mid 90s, I stumbled onto how the World Wide Web was getting ready to explode into corporate America.  A little startup company from San Francisco had contacted me about advertising our apartments on the Internet. 

Now these were the early days of the Web, you know, dial up access 14 kb/s, AOL domination and not much in the way of high speed access.  Online advertising was very new and untested, and the whole concept of “searching” the Internet was just getting started–this was even BEFORE GOOGLE.

So this apartment advertising company, RENT.NET was putting up online brochures of apartments–which again, was totally new and I seized upon the idea as ahead of its time and began listing our apartments and also doing some banner advertising.

It turned out to be the MOST SUCCESSFUL and cost effective advertising program my company had ever seen!  You can read me being interviewed in a magazine about the results of the online advertising campaign  here :

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