Learn The Lingo: 101 Words Every Online Marketer Needs to Know (My First EBook!)

Are you ready to get a FRESH, NEW, ORIGINAL eBook you can use for Giveaways–to help build your all-important opt-in list, for FREE?

My partner, Ed Rubi and I just completed the Starting With Marketing Academy by Dean Holland, where we learned a TON of great information about online marketing and put together this new eBook:

LEARN THE LINGO:101 Words Every Online Marketer Needs To Know

Now I have seen and read dozens of these books and ours is not cram packed with a bunch of cheesy affiliate links (we have ONE). It is a straight-forward content rich FREE book that you can offer to your current list as a “thank-you” or upload it to all those super-important Giveaways to super-charge your list building.

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Excellent I shall give it a read well done Ralp and ED

Cheers Kerie :-D
Believe and achieve

Thanks Kerie, I’m always looking for something “fresh” for the giveaways so we just decided to create our own!

I have read your book brillant, there were some terms in it that I did not know.

Well done


Hope it comes in handy for you in the Giveaways–let me know if you would like the squeeze page.


That’s really cool that you and Ed got together and did this ebook.
I’ll definitely give it a read.


Mike:Send me an email if you’d like the squeeze page–thanks for the feedback!

Hi Ralph

Nice ebook…Love the cover :-)


Avis you are very kind to say that–I found a great web graphics guy over at The Warrior Forum who deserves all the credit for the cover.

Hey Ralph!!
Great ebook! Your blog is always so fresh!! Gonna have to get in on the next book. This one is a winner!!
take care and God Bless!!


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