Multi Profit Websites Generates My First Affiliate Commission!

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CHA_CHING! John Thornhill’s incredibly easy to use and popular new product MultiProfitWebsites¬†(Read my report on MPW HERE ) banked my first “real” online profit– $204.35–¬†on January 11th, 2010.
ClickBank 1st Commish

I had been using the BANS product to build my Wii Games website but John’s product makes it SO much EASIER. You hardly have to no anything about online marketing or websites, his software does it ALL for you. So do yourself a favor like Robert, my first affiliate commission did, read my post here at My report on MultiProfitWebsites and check it out!

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Hey Ralph!!
YAY! Cha-ching!!
Love my MPW. You know John’s master class is opening up tomorrow and I’m there!!Pretty excited about all of this!! I don’t know anything about BANS, but if it works for you….HOW COOL!!

Glad to see you are still blogging!



Great news to hear it is working so well for you Lisa!

Hi Ralph,

I have heard a lot about Multi Profit Websites and looking at your results i think ill go ahead and get it myself.



Hey Nick–it is very good!
Take care,

Hi Ralph,

Well done!! I have heard alot about Multi Profit Websites, was not sure about it, but after reading your post and your success, I had second thoughts..


Avis–Thanks for giving it a look. When I first got into IM someone at the Warrior Forum said to try Build a Niche Software (BANS) and I set up a website. It took days! John’s product Multiprofit Websites takes only hours…highly recommended…..

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