Rest in Peace Funky Monkey…

img000000Today was a sad day since my kitty went to heaven. She was 16. Her name was Funky Monkey, but I called her Itty Bitty Kitty, too. Her health was failing and it was time to say goodbye, but it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am so grateful for my wife’s strength and wisdom in making it through all this. I am so sad it hurts. Before I had pets I used to ridicule pet lovers for humanizing their animals, I mean how could you get so attached to an animal? But Funky schooled me on that–she would always come running to the door when I came home! Who ever knew a cat would do that! She loved me without asking questions, without judging me, just loving me for who I am–wow, now I get it. I loved that cat. And she told me! The “talking cat”, she loved to interrupt my conversations with Bry or when I was on the phone, you see she thought I was talking to her! And if I stayed on the computer too late in the evening she would put her little paws up on my leg and meow stridently saying, “Come on Daddy, it is time to pet me, it is time to stop and take time out for the things in life that really matter—kitty time!”

I carried her collar in my pocket all day today, the little bell jingling and making me stop every once in while and look around, hoping she was just around the corner, coming upstairs on the run to greet me. “Welcome home!”, she would say. “I was feeling a little sick but I’m all better now!” Then she would stretch for the front door knob like she always liked to do (she was an indoor cat but was allowed outside with supervision so she could chase a bird or eat some grass for digestive relief) and then howl out a big meow as if saying “If I only had an opposable thumb I would open this door myself!”

She was full of life and love and my heart hurts just thinking about the hole she has left in my little family. And then there were three! Mommy, doggy and me. I smile when I remember rescuing her from atop the neighbor’s tool shed when she did a little “deck diving” and hopped from our upper level deck to next door, but then could not get down.
And once or twice she got locked out overnight in the fenced in backyard, meowing and scolding me when I “found” her out there the next morning.

She always slept with her Mommy with us in bed. Every since she was a little kitty she liked to climb up on my side of the bed once the lights were turned out, stepping on the pillows and even my head, to get over to Bry’s side of the bed, where she would curl up closely, savoring the warm sweet breath on her fur. If Bry rolled over in the night, Itty Bitty would switch sides! She had to have that loving breath comforting her as she snoozed a deep slumber.

So she is resting now down at clearing at the end of the path, where the sun shines warmly and the wind blows like Mommy’s breath as she purrs contentedly under the trees. Fresh flowing streams slake her thirst and fine fish cutlets dangle from the limbs for her to nibble. Birds and squirrels dance in the grass, and Funky Monkey jumps up, sprinting after them. Some say that animals go to Heaven, and I say that must be true because what kind of place would it be without little furry angels like my Itty Bitty Kitty to greet me at those Pearly Gates when I come home to my eternal rest one day?

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OMG so beautifully written! I too am one of those animal lovers who has had many pets over the years and loved each and everyone fiercely, adoringly, with much love brimming over in my heart and theirs doing the same back to me. So many stories, so many laughs and always remembered dearly. Thank you for your wonderful share.

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