Starting With Marketing Academy Week 3 Review: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Dean Holland’s Starting with Marketing class is in its third, action packed week and I finally made the time to watch the 8 part web video module called “Traffic Tanks”, today.

This class actually covered a few things I am personally familiar with such as paid search or PPC and Google Analytics, which I have used both on The Computer Doctor website and for some of our customers.

“Traffic” means visitors to your web page, so Dean’s class this week covered five basic, traffic building areas that he has used successfully, driving up to 700 visitors to his website in ONE day. Now of course major websites can get millions of site visits or “hits”, but for personalized niche sites I will be more than happy to have a couple of hundred daily visits!

So how do you know if your efforts to get visitors to your site are working? YOU MEASURE IT. Google Analytics is free software that you put on your web page to let Google tell you which websites and search engines are sending folks to your site.

Traffic Generators (aka “Tanks”) are easy to use and require regular action to be successful, and of course you want relevant, targeted traffic that is interested in what your website is all about, especially if you are using PAID traffic.

Dean covers his techniques using Twitter, blogs, forum posts, search engines and an advanced technique on how list building can generate “push button traffic”, which will come into focus later during the next module.

A final thought on search engines and blogging reminded me that for people to visit any website (and especially if they return) quality content is king.

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Hi Ralph

Your right to get more people to visit sites, quality content is needed, what I also realise to get even more visits you need alot of quality content :-) I like your wii using the wii, its really cool

Look forward to working with you :-)


Thanks Avis–I just got Tiger Woods PGA 10 this weekend and had a blast golfing as “Super Tiger”. Take care,

Hi Ralph,
Quality contend is king and you are doing it. Keep the content coming and you will have thousands following you. Nice mention regarding Google Analytics. I was checking mine this morning and thinking, “this is such a great tool, it does the work for you”. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

All the best,


Hi Ralph

Congrats on getting your site up and running, looks great! Quality over quantity everytime. We want prospects instead of suspects, isn’t that true?

Drop by my site and say hi.

Good luck!

Hi Ralph
Noticed the Ezine Articles logo,so a big thank you for that.Why you may ask,well as an expert author myself Ha Ha i know what a great tool this is for getting traffic.And i completely forgot about it.
Just been reading your articles over at ezine.And if i may be bold as to offer a tip that i have found works for me.
Make the title of the article as long as possible,and try to incorporate the words ”How to”for example ”How to Drive Traffic to your website-Starting With Marketing Academy Week Three”this works very well,at least for me.
Google really loves these long titles.
Ralph you have so much good stuff here,great info.

Tom Shaw

Thanks Roger!

Tom you know you can get that widget under your ezine author account, right? Real easy to install the widget in WordPress too!

GREAT tip about the article’s title length–increased length = richer content for the search engines–nice!

Hi Ralph,

I agree with the quality contents part you mentioned.

People are coming to our blogs for experience and it’s our job to give them good contents so that people will remember us and will more likely to come back on a regular basis. That’s also how we build our reputation through our writing style and uniqueness.

Keep up the good work writing quality contents for us all to enjoy :)


Hi Ralph,

loving the blog theme the same one I was originally using myself!

And yes your right ‘content is king’ provide a lot of free value in the way of content and freebies. But be aware of what you provide, it has to be quality from the get go!

This is turn will provide trust which will create a return visitor, this is the best business remember know extra marketing required. They are solely drawn back due to the value provided.

Awesome posts keep providing the value my friend!


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