Starting with Marketing Academy Week Five Review: World Wide Winners!

Dean Holland’s Starting With Marketing Academy has been a huge help in educating and energizing my effort to increase my online marketing business and the Week Five Module, “World Wide Winners” entails outreach to other websites to promote my blog.

Blog Hopping
Early on in the class, Dean had us visiting each others blogs, partly to learn from and support each other, but also to form a new habit: visiting blogs to promote your own blog. Advice was given to not be too salesy/pushy or to directly promote anything. He covered a few things that can get you banned from certain websites and reminded us that the sig file (signature) in your blog post is where you can point others back to your blog.

Like-minded online marketing folks gather in chat rooms or forums to discuss ideas, brainstorm, and of course, sell products and services. He provided a list of a few of the top online marketing forums and suggested we start visiting (hopping) them and asking questions, chatting and getting to know others. I had already been on Digitalpoint forums and hopped over to the Warrior Forum and registered there. I read a few of the topics and dove right in asking some questions, offering some praise and even giving some advice. Dean said to use Google Analytics to track how the forums might be sending us traffic to our blogs.

My new favorite! There are several websites that allow you to write an article, usually 250-1000 words and then that article is posted to their website for people to read. While you are not allowed to sell directly, again people can click on your sig file like in blogs and forums, to go to your website and then see what you have. Visit (EZA) or click on the box to the right where you can check out all the articles I have had published. The great thing is EZA gets high organic search results from Google so if you know how to write your article, it shows up in Google.

Next: Starting With Marketing Academy Week Six Review and Ralph makes a video!

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Hi there Ralph

You just reminded me i need to get involved in warrior forum. Had an account there for about four months and done nothing with it.

I will have to take a look at that buzzom thing you were going on about in your article.

Just read your article “How to Double Your Traffic in 90 Days Using Web 2.0 Tools” i think i said this to you before Ralph, when it comes to writing articles i am no expert.

That being said i would like to offer just a couple of words of advice,and this is something i have only recently applied in my articles,or tried to.

Optimize your article by placing your key phrase in your Title
Article preview
First paragraph
Middle part of your article
penultimate paragraph
Basically every 100 words

Ralph it might be an English thing, but for some reason i feel a bit uncomfortable giving advice to any one,or coming across as a bit of a know it all.But i just feel these words will get your articles more views.


Tom–Love the advice! I really have only focused on the title–writing a new article this week so I will be looking forward to trying your technique!
Speak soon,

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