Starting with Marketing Academy Week Four Review: The Money is NOT in the List???

I have been taking Dean Holland’s class: Starting With Marketing, The Newbie Internet Marketing Academy and would like to share some thoughts on Week Four’s Module: List Lingo.

The Money is NOT in the List?
Dean opened the class by telling us the money is not in the list! What? Even newbies like me know that building a customer list—a list of folks you can help grow their online business and then eventually sell products and services—is super important, so how could this be? While acknowledging that the “list’ is the most valuable asset, he states that it is much more important to build relationships and give value to your subscribers BEFORE you try to sell them. This relationship builds trust and then the money from product sales comes LATER.

An overview was provided on using email auto-responders, such as Aweber, which I use for sending out copies of Dean’s Blog Setup Guide. Using double opt-in to prevent spamming, a typical email response to a subscriber joining your list can include several follow up emails and then can be used for future campaigns promoting new offers.

Using Free Gifts to Build Your List
What do you offer your list? FREEBIES. At first can show them you have valuable info and then prove your worth before you offer paid products. The best products you can offer are those you create yourself (usually in the form of e-Books, instructional videos, website membership subscriptions or even software), but when starting out in online marketing, you may use someone else’s products (with permission of course).

My List Grows….
So Dean offered us his e-Book, which you can download for FREE by clicking on the link, and my first goal is to grow my list to two hundred members—right now I have four, not many but it is a great start and I look forward to offering more freebies and great info on my blog to attract and grow my list!

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