Starting With Marketing Academy Week Six Review: Using Web Videos to Build Your List

SWMMiniSite3_HeaderIn Dean Holland’s final module of the online marketing class, Starting With Marketing Academy, I have learned how adding videos to your arsenal of traffic building tools builds a more personal relationship with your followers.

Screen Kings
There are two types of videos: Slide Deck and On Camera.
On Camera videos consist of you speaking into the camera in a self interview or public speech style.
Slide Deck videos usually involve PowerPoint slides with you speaking to the slides.

Both styles can be effective, however each has its pros and cons. On Camera videos can help build a stronger rapport with your followers, as it is more personal. Building that relationship is key in building trust and later convincing prospects to become buyers. The downside of On Camera, of course, is that if not done properly, it can look amateurish. Slide Deck videos can come across as more professional but can be seen as a slick sales approach that also builds less rapport since all the viewer can hear is your voice. On Camera videos also require less computer aptitude since Slide Deck videos require PowerPoint knowledge (although it is not difficult to learn PowerPoint).

I chose the Slide Deck for my first video (you can watch it in the post below this one) and was pretty happy with the results.

I used Camtasia video software under the thirty day trial offer, since it costs about 200 bucks for the paid version. I may try Windows Movie Maker next time (its included with Windows Vista and Windows 7). Other considerations are setting up an account with YouTube to upload the videos, buying a camera (or using your camera phone), and learning how to embed the video so it shows up properly on your blog. And don’t forget to list your website in the video description when you upload it to YouTube.

Dean has been very successful offering On Camera web videos on his blog for FREE, which is the foundation he builds upon when attracting new followers: Build trust by offering free QUALITY content, then the people will come back for the paid products later. See you on YouTube!

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