Starting With Marketing Academy Video Testimonial

My first video!–Slide deck with narration of how great this class has been!

Starting With Marketing Academy Week 2 Review

This is the second week in Dean Holland’s Starting With Marketing Academy, a compelling online classroom I have been attending in my journey to make more money online.

Turns out he has over SIXTY other students in his class–very impressive. I missed the live session but played back the slidedeck on Social Marketing.

I deal with technology at The Computer Doctor (celebrating our tenth year in business!) every day, mainly blocking websites like Facebook and Twitter!!) but the whole social networking stuff, being the private kind of guy that I am, has not held much appeal to me.

Starting With Marketing!

I recently joined Dean Holland’s Starting With Marketing Academy
Dean has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for making money online and I enjoyed the first webinar he hosted last Sunday.
About 28 other folks are in the 6 week class, Dean’s first after emerging from the mentorship of Alex Jeffreys. The first session ran about 2.5 hours, included some nice Powerpoint type slides and his off-the-cuff teaching.
He covered the lesson plans for the next 6 weeks and gave us our first assignment–get web hosting. OK so I already have five or six websites, but as the goal was to get hosting then start a blog–I went looking for