How To Write a Profit Pulling Blog

Dean Holland has been kind enough to offer me his Blog Setup Guide 2.8 as a free giveaway and thank you gift.

I’ll post a full review later but grab your copy now if you can’t wait by clicking on the picture to the right and just enter your name and email address and I will email you your copy right away–even if it is 3 am!

The book is packed with video tutorials on how to set up your own blog, which widgets to install, how to optimize your blog for search engines, and more. The book covers parts of what he has been teaching me in the Starting With Marketing Academy and has been recently updated to cover WordPress 2.8.

Building Gigantic Lists With Simple and Free Traffic Methods

I wanted to share this article since it ties in nicely with List Lingo, the Week 4 module in Starting with Marketing Academy:

Building Gigantic Lists With Simple and Free Traffic Methods
By]Darren W Chow

Do you want to build a huge list? Everyone is talking about list building because it is the wise thing to do. When you have the contacts of your customers, you can always go back to them and make more sales.

Those without a list will find themselves out of an income source if their traffic source dried up. However, if you have a list, you will be inconvenienced but you will still have income.

Starting with Marketing Academy Bonus Webcast and a Secret…

Sat in on a 30 minute webinar conducted by online marketing maven Dean Holland about 1 in the afternoon, 6pm UK time. Dean is from Great Britain and his personality is interlaced very well with the content of the class he is teaching.

About 4 weeks ago I got word of the class through an email from Alex Jeffreys, another online marketing guru who had recently tutored Dean on his successful ways of making money online. So as Dean is one of Alex’s most successful students, there is some motiviational “juice” here for me, as I consider the possibilities of becoming a big success.

Just Twittering About…


Day 3 with Twitter. Sixteen people “following” me and I am following 8 others. Exciting!

So I must confess the reason I signed up for twitter was to expand my network of folks so I can potentially market goods and/or services to them.

However when I began getting “spammed” with people following me with sales messages as their way of introduction to our relationship, I just tsk-tsked and made a note to NEVER be that blatant and crude with my approach.

Starting With Marketing Academy Week 2 Review

This is the second week in Dean Holland’s Starting With Marketing Academy, a compelling online classroom I have been attending in my journey to make more money online.

Turns out he has over SIXTY other students in his class–very impressive. I missed the live session but played back the slidedeck on Social Marketing.

I deal with technology at The Computer Doctor (celebrating our tenth year in business!) every day, mainly blocking websites like Facebook and Twitter!!) but the whole social networking stuff, being the private kind of guy that I am, has not held much appeal to me.

In the Beginning…(WWW 1998)

So when I worked as a marketing director for a large apartment management company in the mid 90s, I stumbled onto how the World Wide Web was getting ready to explode into corporate America.  A little startup company from San Francisco had contacted me about advertising our apartments on the Internet. 

Now these were the early days of the Web, you know, dial up access 14 kb/s, AOL domination and not much in the way of high speed access.  Online advertising was very new and untested, and the whole concept of “searching” the Internet was just getting started–this was even BEFORE GOOGLE.

Starting With Marketing!

I recently joined Dean Holland’s Starting With Marketing Academy
Dean has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for making money online and I enjoyed the first webinar he hosted last Sunday.
About 28 other folks are in the 6 week class, Dean’s first after emerging from the mentorship of Alex Jeffreys. The first session ran about 2.5 hours, included some nice Powerpoint type slides and his off-the-cuff teaching.
He covered the lesson plans for the next 6 weeks and gave us our first assignment–get web hosting. OK so I already have five or six websites, but as the goal was to get hosting then start a blog–I went looking for