I passed Microsoft Exam 70-653 (Configuring Small Business Server 2008)

Officially re-certified as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist!

March 10th, 2010—Victory is mine! My company, The Computer Doctor, prides itself on being a Mcrosoft Certified Partner, so when I exited the Prometric testing center, passing the latest Microsoft Certification I sat for, I was feeling pretty good. Scored an 800 on the test (you need 700 or better) so didn’t exactly “ace” it, but a win is a win. It was a challenging test, and in preparing for it this time I took a chance by only using the Microsoft Press Kit Book and the test simulator included with it.

HP Laptop Gets Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade


As promised I wanted to let you know the results of UPGRADING to Windows 7 on an existing Windows Vista Laptop….

My wife had purchased a run of the mill HP laptop from the local superstore a few months ago–it had Windows Vista Premium 32bit, 3 GB RAM, and the Pentium Dual Core CPU.  She was very happy with the performance, and as she just uses it to RDP to her work computer, surf the Internet and do a few MS Office 2007 documents, it was a possible candidate for a custom/clean install, but since I had already done a clean install on MY laptop that went smoothly(see blog post below about how that went)., it was time to test the UPGRADE.

Windows XP’s Black Screen of Death and The Importance of Backups

I was dispatched to help set up a new PC for one of my customers and perform a data transfer from his old Windows XP PC. Got the new PC all setup, programs installed, got it on the network and then booted up the old PC…and waited…and waited…until it came up with what I refer to as the BLACK screen of death. You all have heard about the BLUE screen of death, the cryptic Windows error dump file that likes to flash on the screen and spiral downward into a sea of continuous reboots –but what about the BLACK screen of death?

Windows 7: Top Ten Reasons You Want It!

Windows 7 Logo
By the end of this year, Microsoft will have gone and done it again: they are releasing the another new operating system (OS), called WINDOWS 7. Everybody knows Bill Gates needs the money, but after the controversial release of Windows Vista in 2007, many of my customers are a little skeptical about going to Windows 7. Here is my top ten list of why you want Windows 7:

10-Windows 7 will not have the same “problems” Vista had.