How To Upgrade Your Desktop Hard Drive to SSD (Solid State Drive) in About an Hour

Kingston 480GB Desktop Upgrade KitReady for a performance boost?  Why not upgrade your hard drive to a super fast SSD drive? I’m running an “old” (circa December 2011) Dell Vostro desktop with an Intel Core 2 Quad, 4GB RAM and a 500GB SATA drive and decided I wanted to speed things up a bit.

Purchased a Kingston 480GB SSD drive upgrade kit for $280 which came with Acronis Image.

Pretty simple process to setup you just install it in in empty drive bay (make sure your BIOS is configured to recognize the drive), boot the Acronis CD which comes with the Kingston SSD upgrade kit, and in about 30 minutes it had copied about 200 GB of data to the new SSD. Removed the old SATA drive, rebooted and man was that fast!  Everything from startup / boot speed to Windows Explorer and programs–it is all much faster now.  









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