HP Laptop Gets Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade


As promised I wanted to let you know the results of UPGRADING to Windows 7 on an existing Windows Vista Laptop….

My wife had purchased a run of the mill HP laptop from the local superstore a few months ago–it had Windows Vista Premium 32bit, 3 GB RAM, and the Pentium Dual Core CPU.  She was very happy with the performance, and as she just uses it to RDP to her work computer, surf the Internet and do a few MS Office 2007 documents, it was a possible candidate for a custom/clean install, but since I had already done a clean install on MY laptop that went smoothly(see blog post below about how that went)., it was time to test the UPGRADE.

I fired up my MSDN subscription and downloaded Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit DVD (about 2.3GB) and burned an ISO DVD.  Went ahead and ran the compatibility advisor (you get a link to the download when you insert the disc) and found zero problems.  After selecting the upgrade option, the Windows installer ran for about 90 minutes total (it only took about 45 minutes on an older laptop to do a clean install).  No errors, no problems, and the coolest thing is after installing it asked for the WPA key to join the wifi network!

BUT….boot up time was noticeably slower than when Vista was installed.  It would go from zero (off) to 60 (on the Internet) in about 60 seconds–and now it takes about 2 minutes.  Hmmm, could it be because it is Windows Ultimate?  Was it because I upgraded versus the clean install?  Not sure yet, but my wife encouraged me to consider reformatting with a clean install (even though it works fine after booting).  I’ll think about that and report back if I do.

Another surprise?  Remember how I mentioned I had to postpone my PC upgrade to Windows 7 due to HP being so darn slow on building a driver for the Laserjet 1022?  Well the laptop printed over the network to my printer just fine!   So I guess I could risk the upgrade on my PC (Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit) but HP promised the driver by “mid-November”.  Think I will play it safe and wait until then!

Ready to upgrade to Windows 7?  I still caution the average user against doing this on their PC, but if it is 2 years old or newer and you run the compatibiilty advisor to make sure your hardware is Windows 7  ready—maybe you should go for it!

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I just upgraded my HP Laptop to Windows 7 Ultimate, right away I am having issues. The first being that the CPU seems to be running a lot hotter, in fact in the run of a day the laptop shuts down at least 5 times due to heat! And this never happened with Vista.

The other issue is that I have gotten two BLUESCREENS (shudder) with the 1033 error.

Are any of these issues attributed to Windows 7 Upgrades, or is it all just a horrible coincidence?

Short answer is “no” I don’t think Windows 7 is causing the problem. If you did an upgrade, you may have some programs or other junk on your system that is causing your problem–maybe you should try the famous “custom” or clean install? Also did you run the Compatibility checker before upgrading? That can point out driver conflicts that are a common cause of the Blue Screen.
Hope that helps,

Sandy–That seems a littel strange since assuming you went 32 bit to 32 bit or 64 bit to 64 bit, the device drivers are the same! To go back to the Windows 7 that HP pre-loaded, I would run a full system image and data backup using the Windows backup and restore program and then restore the HP image at the boot screen, I believe you press F11 that takes you to recovery partition.


I saw a post sort of like this one on another blog just yesterday. If I can locate it I’ll see if I can get it to you in case you’re interested.

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