Windows 7 Installation on Four Year Old Laptop Worked Perfectly

microsoft-windows-7 As a Microsoft Certified Partner, my company, The Computer Doctor got our Windows 7 final copy last week as the official date for the new operating system has been confirmed for October 22nd.

This old laptop will run Windows 7???
The old Compaq Presario laptop (purchased November 2005, 2GB RAM, AMD Turion 64 processor, 60 GB hard drive) has served me pretty well with a factory installed Windows XP Pro SP2 which I have since installed a dual boot of Windows XP Pro 64bit, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Beta release, and now, Windows 7.

I might suggest that you “don’t try this at home” since for most folks the best way to experience a new operating system (OS) is to purchase it pre-installed on a new PC or laptop. That way the PC manufacturer has tested all the hardware with the new OS and warranties the results. However, some of us can’t wait for a new PC and want to keep up with the latest and greatest that Microsoft has to offer and want to install Windows 7 on their old machine.

Upgrade vs. Custom Installation
So you are ready to upgrade? Well not so fast my geeky friend. If you are running XP like about 80% of the world, you cannot upgrade, you have to do what Microsoft gently calls a “custom” installation, aka a “clean” install which wipes out your programs and data (you can backup data before you upgrade but have to reload programs from your CDs or downloads). Vista users can upgrade, but are warned that it may take much longer than a clean install.

My laptop had been running a beta version of Windows 7 so I already knew it was capable of running the final version, but I wanted to test what would happen on this “old” laptop, therefore I popped in the DVD (What no DVD drive? Windows has been to big to fit on regular CDs since Vista was released!) and boldly skipped the compatibility advisor check, which would have scanned the laptop for any potential installation problems. Hey, I’m a Microsoft Certified Engineer, I can do this!

I selected the “custom” install and had already backed up my data files so the installation program copied files, ran for about 40 minutes, with 2 automatic reboots and zero input required by me. Once it booted Windows 7 for the first time, it asked for the wireless network password, went online and then automatically downloaded a video driver and a sound card driver. I did a quick network printer installation (to a HP LaserJet 1020 that HP said was not yet ready for Windows 7) and printed a test page perfectly.

Start to finish time under 50 minutes—on this old laptop—no driver errors or any problems. Looks like Windows 7 is going to do just fine!

Coming soon: I UPGRADE my Windows Vista PC to Windows 7. Stay tuned!

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I certainly hope so as I a bit fed up with Vista and it problems I have too version home premium and Ultra. Love the Ultra though works like a dream so looking forward to the 22October when I can get my Windows 7.

Cheers Kerie

Thanks Kerie–yes there have been a few problems with Vista ;-) but things are looking good for Windows 7. Let me know what you think of the new version next month.

I LOVE your blog!! It looks great and the info you have on here is awesome!!
Very cool!! Every time I stop by, you have more great content!!
I could get lost in here with all this info. It’s always so interesting and new!
Way to go!! YAY Ralph!!

Thanks Lisa–this is a big event in the Microsoft Partner community and I am glad to share my experiences with you!

Hi Ralph

Sounds like Windows7 may be the right platform. We recently went from a windows desktop to an IMAC and are still learning all of the little tricks with a mac. My wife and I both have windows laptops and the version 7 may have to get installed on them.

Thanks for your comment about my recent blog. I was just telling folks the truth about and how I felt about Dean’s coaching and as him as a friend.


Roger Neumann

Go out and make it a successful day! :-)

Hey Ralph,

So you’ll be the man to come to when we upgrade! It’s excellent to have someone in the loop that we can get advice from when we need it.

I signed up to the twitter program you mentioned in the forum as well. I’d like to get a chance to speak some time.

Drop me an email or a PM soon so we can chat.


Hi Ralph
I hope you are going to do more of this in the future,product reviews.At the moment i have the beta version of windows 7 alongside XP in a dual boot mode on my sony vaio.I have to say windows 7 is noticeably faster than vista.
Nice work with the articles by the way,over at ezine.


Roger: I know plenty of folks who are happy with their Apples so I am sure you will do great with the Mac!
Talk soon,

Andy–I am always glad to help! You are always welcome to email me directly at The Twt2.US went out of beta I think yesterday so we will see how it goes. There are so many different twitter API’s–have you tried Buzzom?
Take Care,

Tom: Wow–dual booting–that is impressive! You know the hardware reqs are 50% less on 7 than Vista so you only need a GB of RAM and a 1GHz CPU!!! I agree that is is booting up a lot faster than Vista and 7 is looooooking good!

I have been cranking out the EZAs and have gotten about 150 page views and 116 Profile click throughs. Plus Google LOVES (as you have probably found out yourself)–nice page ranking on the organic search.

Best regards,

Hey ralph, very informative post! I totally agree with the -FACT- that the money “is in the relationship” with your’e subscribers..Building a list is 1 thing, nuturing and making money from your list is another! s i am also learning..i sure it will always be a learning curve online..As trends are always unpredictable (formulas ,systems)etc… adapting to the situation is the key to success!

It looks like its all working well here ralph!:)

Glad to hear from you–I’ll be counting on your support now and in the future my friend!

I have been reading your posts lately, just want to say thanks for all informative stuff i have found here, helped me learn alot lately.

Much Regards, Mark

Thanks Mark–be sure to check out my posts on how my upgrades went!

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